About Us

At Winning Ways we have an inspirational mission and vision to guide us in achieving our goals.

Research indicate that an Academic Education is the most important outcome for a school attendee as only a handful of people turn out to become professional sportsmen/women.

Nevertheless, certain life skill we all have to acquire in order to keep up with the challenges we face in our everyday lives, can only be learned through sport with examples such as:

  • Team Work – Every player has to perform in order for the team to succeed
  • Selflessness – Understanding the value of serving
  • Fairness – Accepting a referee’s call despite disagreeing with it
  • Failure – Dealing with the disappointment of losing or being left out of a team
  • Values & Character – Defining who you are and what you represent
  • Emotional Intelligence – Controlling your emotions and interpersonal relationship
  • Discipline – Commitment to the value systems, ethos and hard work required
  • Conduct – Respect towards others regardless of their background


  • To use sport in order to change lives for the better
  • Provide the foundation for excellence, enjoyment and high performance
  • Mentor those who possess natural talent, in finding the key to unlock their potential.


  • Being a catalyst in health and life long active lifestyles
  • Establish and maintain lifetime relationships with the lives we touch
  • Associating our authentic brand with superior quality in coaching

We strive for Winning Ways not only in sport but also in life!